How can you make sure that your passwords are safe, and can you use a VPN to make a strong password?

Maybe you’re wondering ‘What’s the big deal about this? If I keep my password to myself, there’s nothing to worry about, is there?’ This is often thought, but unfortunately it is not that simple. Even if you don’t tell anyone your password, your account can be broken into. Hackers have special tools with which they can crack your password. The best known method is the so-called brute force attack, that can be used with the  guida ai migliori VPN provider at Globalwatchonline.IT

Why is a bad password so dangerous?

In this case, the hacker uses software that tries out different login names and passwords at a high rate of automation, until the right combination is found. The simpler the password, the easier it is to crack. We have explained why we advise against free VPNs. That said, even paid VPNs are not equal, and paying more does not always equal having more. When looking for a NordVPN test auf Deutschland, consider the following:

  • Availability of apps: the PC is not the only device you use to go online. Make sure the VPN of your choice has apps for all the operating systems you need, depending on these devices (mobile, tablet, desktop);
  • Location of the company: companies based in countries with unclear or no laws regarding the protection of your privacy are best approached with appropriate suspicion;
  • Protocols used: always check that the VPN complies with the latest standards in encryption;
  • Logging policy: this is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a VPN. Some VPNs log your activity: when you connect, on what server, how long you stay connected, what pages you visit and what files you download. This puts your online behavior and your data at risk. Therefore, you should always choose a VPN with a strict no-log policy;
  • Availability of servers: depending on your needs, you should choose a VPN that has the right selection of servers around the world. If you want to use a VPN only to view the US Netflix catalog, make sure the VPN offers this option. If you want to access your Dutch streaming service, you should select one with a good availability of servers in the Netherlands;
  • Customizability: if you are a more advanced user and want to customize your VPN, you should choose a VPN that supports OpenVPN;
  • Ease of use: While customization can be important, no VPN should be too difficult to use. Once you have itïn installed, it should only be a matter of a few clicks or taps to go securely online;
  • Multiple devices on the same subscription: you probably have a PC or laptop, a phone and maybe a tablet. Not all VPN’s let you use the same subscription multiple times. So check carefully how many devices you can connect at the same time from the same subscription.