Bitcoin predictions for 2021 are bizarre: “At least six figures”

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Bitcoin predictions for 2021 vary, but most experts expect at least six figures. There is even talk of a value of half a million dollars. At the same time, there are also bubble expectations.

On Thursday evening, bitcoin briefly reached a new record of $ 40,000. The price of the crypto currency has made a huge climb in recent times. Where we wrote in mid-December that bitcoin had passed the magic threshold of $ 20,000, the currency was worth $ 30,000 at the turn of the year. So, the value of bitcoin has doubled within a month. And according to many experts, the end is nowhere in sight.

In fact, many people are convinced that the bitcoin price will reach six digits in 2021. What are the predictions of experts, analysts and critics about the crypto currency?

Predictions Bitcoin in 2021

More and more professional investors and companies are making the switch to bitcoin. It is one of the reasons that the currency is soaring in price. For example, in the course of 2020, MicroStrategy, a major US advisory company, bought a whopping $ 1 billion worth of bitcoin. Asset manager Guggenheim Partners also bought $ 500 million worth of bitcoin at the end of last year. They expect that Bitcoin will be worth no less than $ 400,000 by the end of 2021.

They aren’t the only ones who have high hopes for bitcoin this year. An analyst from Citibank (the second largest US bank) dared to claim in his predictions for 2021 that the crypto coin will hit $ 318,000 this year. But there are analysts and experts who see it even more rosy. Catherine Wood, CEO of ARK Invest, expects bitcoin to be worth $ 500,000 this year. Portugal Cryptocurrency is popular.

Other experts and analysts are also optimistic, but have slightly more cautious forecasts. Investment bank JP Morgan thinks bitcoin could rise to $ 100,000. Bloomberg analyst Mike McGlone expects us to see a price of $ 50,000 this year. Finally, Simon Dedic, founder of crypto research company Blockfyre, expects the cryptocurrency to reach $ 150,000.

Collapse of the price?

Of course, no one can say for sure whether bitcoin will reach six digits in 2021. There are also market researchers who cannot rule out a collapse of the price. That would not be very strange: in 2017 the crypto coin reached a record of 20,000 dollars. But just before that was achieved, the course collapsed. In one month, bitcoin lost 65 percent of its value. And in September 2018, the price had even fallen 80 percent since the peak.

Patrick van der Meijde, crypto entrepreneur and foreman of the United Bitcoin companies in the Netherlands, tells NRC that he cannot rule out such a significant collapse in the price. He does expect the increase to continue in the long term, with strong increases and strong temporary declines.

There are also plenty of people who think the crypto world is a bubble that could burst at any moment. Economist Nouriel Roubini advises you not to be fooled by the predictions for 2021. “Investing in bitcoin is the same as betting your portfolio in a manipulated illegal casino,” he said in a tweet. Price prediction crypto Italy is popular.

The greatest danger is probably the increasingly strict regulation. Guy Hirsch is a manager at eToro, one of the best-known bitcoin traders in the world. He calls the fact that regulators and watchdogs are getting involved in the crypto world “dark clouds on the horizon”. In the Netherlands, crypto companies now have to register with De Nederlandse Bank, for example. It is the reason that eToro had to stop a week ago in the Netherlands. These kinds of measures are not doing the market any good, Hirsch previously told Bloomberg.

We leave it to you what you do with these expectations and predictions for 2021. Here we share 5 reasons to and not to invest in bitcoin. Check the live bitcoin exchange rate in euros here.

Bitcoin price breaks through 50,000, ethereum and cardano lag behind, these altcoins shoot off

The cryptocurrency market starts this week nicely colored green. Most of the top 100 crypto, including bitcoin (BTC), is in the plus this morning. A number of cryptos break out and several rates are 10% in the plus if not more. Total market capitalization this morning comes in at a staggering $2.45 trillion. We are slowly getting closer to the May peak. Large as well as small investors continue to accumulate:


It seemed from the weekend that bitcoin might struggle to break through $50,000 for longer. Yet it happened late last night. The BTC price initially fell below $50,000 yesterday morning, but then slowly started to climb. Towards midnight, bitcoin suddenly made a significant jump and the price shot through from $50,380 to $51,750. has enough information. Bitcoin then continued to swing between $51,500 and $52,000 for the rest of the night. The last time bitcoin broke through $50,000 back in February, the price also encountered a small resistance around the current $51,700, but then shot straight to around $58,000. Despite the fact that bitcoin is picking up strongly, several altcoins are rising even faster, keeping the dominance below 40%.

Altcoin’s top 10

Ethereum (ETH), cardano (ADA) and binance coin (BNB) are lagging a bit today. Ether also made a big jump late last night, touching close to $4,000, but then corrected back down right away. Ether dipped back to $3,900 this morning where the price has been hovering since Friday, but is slowly climbing back to $3,950 at the time of writing.

Cardano also rose sharply last night. The ADA price jumped from $2.86 to $2.95. However, then ADA corrected back down and the price returned to $2.87. ADA is slowly rising to USD 2.90 this morning. We also see the same somewhat with binance coin. BNB briefly rose to a high of $508 from $495 late last night, but then fell back to $495. This morning, BNB takes another $500.

Ripple (XRP), on the other hand, has risen sharply in the past 24 hours. That is because the XRP price, just like bitcoin, did not immediately correct downwards last night. XRP was still around $1.25 Sunday morning and peaked at around $1.33 last night, up 6.4%. For now, XRP is holding up above $1.32. Dogecoin (DOGE) also shows a slightly more positive trend and rose from $0.30 to $0.31

Solana (SOL) had another massive rally last week, but corrected slightly lower on Sunday, slipping briefly to $135. From there, SOL started to rise again, and the price comes in at $146 this morning. That is not yet as high as Saturday’s ATH, but there may be a new record this week, however, the trading volume is starting to decrease considerably. has enough information. Polkadot is the fastest climber in the top 10 largest crypto today. The DOT price was still at $32.2 yesterday morning and is at $34.5 this morning, an increase of 7.1%.

Hardest climbers top 100

Outside the top 10, we see several prices rising even faster. Amp (AMP), cosmos (ATOM), bitcoin cash (BCH), eos (EOS) and huobi token (HT) are all about 10%, in the plus today. FTX token (FT), algorithm (ALGO) and chainlink (LINK) are even 14% in the plus. Qtum (QTM) and fantom (FTM) are up more than 15% in the last 24 hours. Omg network (OMG) and filecoin (FIL) are both even 25% in the plus today. Quant (QNT) is currently the fastest riser on the market from the top 100. The QNT price is up 44% today and 85% compared to a week ago.

Behind the headlines: Russia in Myanmar, Peru’s new president and what Enjin means to the United Nations Global Compact

Behind the Headlines gives you expert perspectives on today’s headlines by telling you more than what happened, but also what it means. You can also listen to The Cipher Brief’s Daily Open-Source Collection Podcast, where you also listen to podcasts.

Jack Devine, Former Acting Director, National Clandestine Service, CIA

Cipher Brief Expert Jack Devine, a 32-year-old CIA veteran. Devine served as both acting director and co-director of CIA operations from 1993 to 1995. He is a founding member and chairman of The Arkin Group, which specializes in international crisis management, strategic intelligence and investigative research. Devine is the author of Spymaster’s Prism: The Fight Against Russian Aggression.

Russia’s multiple support for Myanmar is a microcosm of its strategy in Southeast Asia

In the months since Myanmar’s military coup in February, Russia and China have been the junta’s most powerful allies, but Russia has exploited regional instability to position itself as a third path between China and the West. While China had closer ties to the former government of Myanmar than to the military, it was also concerned about the government’s ties to the West and possible interference in its development efforts, especially the Belt and Road initiative.

Russia, on the other hand, does not depend on stability in Southeast Asia to the same extent as China and can instead take advantage of warring factions. Last month, on his first trip outside the immediate region since February, Myanmar’s junta leader Min Aung Hlaing went to Moscow to meet senior Russian defense officials instead of going to Beijing. Hlaing has reportedly visited Russia seven times in the past decade and has previously stated that more than 6,000 officers from Myanmar have studied at Russian military academies.

Responsible sales

According to data from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), Russia was responsible for nearly 40% of arms sales to Myanmar from 1999-2018, second only to China. SIPRI data further indicates that Russia has been Southeast Asia’s largest arms supplier for the past two decades, with Vietnam and Laos as top customers. But Russia offers the region more than weapons, and has promised Myanmar two million Covid-19 vaccines and help with its own vaccine production efforts. Uitleg tradingview can be found online.

Russia has also sought to expand free trade agreements between its Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) and Southeast Asian countries, most recently urging Indonesia to join the deal. Last week, Russia’s foreign minister went even further into soft power efforts, meeting his Bangladeshi counterpart and agreeing to encourage Myanmar to engage in dialogue with Bangladesh over the Rohingya crisis.

Left-wing former teacher Pedro Castillo is declared president of a divided Peru, expected economic growth could play in his favour.

Peru, like many of its neighbors, has fought the triple and intertwined threat of Covid-19, social unrest and severe economic downturn. But in recent years, Peru has also been challenged by sharp dividing lines between its executive and legislative powers. Last November, Peru’s unicameral legislature voted to impeach then-President Martín Vizcarra, citing mismanagement of the pandemic and corruption, in a move that infuriated thousands.

Fraught elections

The June presidential elections were also fraught. Castillo’s right-wing rival Keiko Fujimori, who is also under investigation for corruption, alleged electoral fraud and the Peruvians, launched a six-week investigation, with Castillo ultimately taking the rightful victor. The EU, the US and 14 election missions deemed the election legitimate, and the US called the election a “model of democracy” for the region. Castillo, who previously worked as an elementary school teacher and has never held public office, will be greeted by a political establishment almost completely against him. Nano coin has started to rise.

Peruvian citizens are also deeply divided, with many urban elites reportedly moving their money abroad for fear of Castillo’s economic policies. But Castillo’s Peru Libre party has fewer than 40 of the 130 seats in the legislature, and Castillo has already recruited several moderate advisers. Furthermore, he has withdrawn from talking about the new nationalizing Peru’s lucrative multinational mining, oil, gas and hydrocarbon companies, instead promising to raise taxes on mining companies. Prices of copper and gold, two of Peru’s most critical exports, remain high and trade barriers linked to Covid are expected to ease in the coming months. While it’s uncertain how effective Castillo will be, or where he will eventually fall on his policies, positive projections for Peru’s export-based economy will likely play in his favor.

How can you make sure that your passwords are safe, and can you use a VPN to make a strong password?

Maybe you’re wondering ‘What’s the big deal about this? If I keep my password to myself, there’s nothing to worry about, is there?’ This is often thought, but unfortunately it is not that simple. Even if you don’t tell anyone your password, your account can be broken into. Hackers have special tools with which they can crack your password. The best known method is the so-called brute force attack, that can be used with the  guida ai migliori VPN provider at Globalwatchonline.IT

Why is a bad password so dangerous?

In this case, the hacker uses software that tries out different login names and passwords at a high rate of automation, until the right combination is found. The simpler the password, the easier it is to crack. We have explained why we advise against free VPNs. That said, even paid VPNs are not equal, and paying more does not always equal having more. When looking for a NordVPN test auf Deutschland, consider the following:

  • Availability of apps: the PC is not the only device you use to go online. Make sure the VPN of your choice has apps for all the operating systems you need, depending on these devices (mobile, tablet, desktop);
  • Location of the company: companies based in countries with unclear or no laws regarding the protection of your privacy are best approached with appropriate suspicion;
  • Protocols used: always check that the VPN complies with the latest standards in encryption;
  • Logging policy: this is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a VPN. Some VPNs log your activity: when you connect, on what server, how long you stay connected, what pages you visit and what files you download. This puts your online behavior and your data at risk. Therefore, you should always choose a VPN with a strict no-log policy;
  • Availability of servers: depending on your needs, you should choose a VPN that has the right selection of servers around the world. If you want to use a VPN only to view the US Netflix catalog, make sure the VPN offers this option. If you want to access your Dutch streaming service, you should select one with a good availability of servers in the Netherlands;
  • Customizability: if you are a more advanced user and want to customize your VPN, you should choose a VPN that supports OpenVPN;
  • Ease of use: While customization can be important, no VPN should be too difficult to use. Once you have itïn installed, it should only be a matter of a few clicks or taps to go securely online;
  • Multiple devices on the same subscription: you probably have a PC or laptop, a phone and maybe a tablet. Not all VPN’s let you use the same subscription multiple times. So check carefully how many devices you can connect at the same time from the same subscription.

Playing And Learning With Ball Sports For Kids

A great way to engage shy kids to play with a team, the sport has a lot of benefits to it. Sport is an important learning environment for children. Numerous studies have shown that children who play sports perform better at school. Sports participation helps with coordination and learning new skills. Learn about the best sports for kids and how to get your kid to play sports. Your child can start playing an organized sport when they have the skills needed to play.